An AI digital pet you can play with using colour!


Age 5 - 99


Pika learns by you teaching it colours via the camera.


Understand AI

An interactive AI pet you teach colours to.


Play with Pika

Experience the world from an AI's perspective.



Teach via the camera

Turn the world into a colourful classroom.

What people are saying

“Apps and tech that encourages children to get out into the real world, rather than just slouch on the sofa, are increasingly appealing to me as a parent.”
— ContempoPlay
“Pika is a startup app company using A.I., computer vision, and augmented reality to create a camera-focused app where the kids do the teaching.”
— Digital Trends
“I love the way Pika is aiming to integrate playful learning and computer vision. Definitely one to watch!”
— Hannah Dee, Computer Vision Researcher

Pika Vision Ltd is founded by parents, designers and engineers. We regularly test with our ace community of little and big people.