Meet Pika.


Pika is a robot friend who sits on your smartphone.


Pika wants to learn from your child by exploring the world with them using the camera.

for age 5+


Why we're making Pika


Power Up Photography

To build on children's love of photography, taking their skills to the next level.


Playful Learning

For kids to learn about the world around them through educational photography projects.


Creative Confidence

To boost creative confidence by encouraging kids to capture and tell their stories.



'COLOURS' is coming soon!

An immersive colour quest encouraging kids to learn and engage with colours around them. We're launching on Kickstarter soooooon! Sign-up to be the first to know.


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What people are saying

“Both of our kids love taking photos using the phone camera but get tangled in the many options on the standard camera, so a child-friendly app will be brilliant!”
— Becky Ghani, Parent
“I can see that my children love taking photos, Pika builds on this love by making photography even more immersive and playful allowing them to explore and capture their world”
— Liz Lee, Parent
“I love the way Pika is aiming to integrate playful learning and computer vision. Definitely one to watch!”
— Hannah Dee, Computer Vision Researcher

Made by Pika Vision Ltd

We're parents, designers, engineers and computer vision experts making a playful photography experience. We regularly test with our ace community of little people.